Barton Creek Greenbelt (Upper Section)

Trail Sign
This is the trailhead sign at the parking lot along MoPac.
User: Lone_Star - 6/26/2014

Location: Barton Creek Greenbelt

Rating: 1point5stars
Difficulty: 1star  Solitude: 1star
Miles Hiked: 10.80 Miles  Elapsed Time: 4 hours, 1 minute


With a sudden improvement in the rainy weather, my friend and I decided to drive out to Austin on a spur of the moment to go hiking.  I chose the upper section of Barton Creek as our challenge and we started our hike near Hwy 360 and Hwy 1 (MoPac).  Although there are distance markers posted along the trail, the overall signage is not very good since you are required to cross the creek at a couple of points and I did not see any trail signs indicating to cross.  As a result, we continued along some informal trails before they dead ended and we were required to turn back.  This happened to us on both sides of the creek, as shown in my track file.

In any case, Twin Falls and the upper falls were nice since there was a lot of water from recent rainfalls.  There were a lot of teenagers and young adults there chilling out, sunbathing, swimming, and meditating.

One trail segment I wanted to do was the "Hill Of Life" (or "Hill Of Death, depending on your perspective), but we passed by the Scottish Woods Trail because it was not marked.  I just thought it was an outlet trail (which it is), but I did not know it was the trail up the "Hill Of Life".

Overall, we had a nice hike although it was extremely humid.  The signage needs to be improved and trail maintenance was in order since the lush vegetation was overgrown and blocking the trail in some parts.

Log Photos
Trail Sign
View Of The Trail
Nice Rest Spot
Swing Ropes
Scupture Falls
Another View Of The Falls
Trail End