Wonderful muddy discovery

Cleared Land
Note the difference in the preserve land on the left from the other on the right. All of the Juniper has been cleared out.
User: Austin Explorer - 8/9/2017

Location: Discovery Well Cave Preserve

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 3stars  Solitude: 3stars
Miles Hiked: 2.31 Miles  Elapsed Time: 54 minutes


I had not known about this preserve until I researched Cedar Park parks for this trip.  I postponed going a couple of days since it rained the morning I had intended to hike it.  As it turns out, 2 days was not enough for things to dry out.  I only had running shoes and not hiking boots and they muddy and wet from the remaining dew on the grasses.

It was still an enjoyable hike.  Not another soul on the trails, though the close proximity of Anderson Mill Road provides a constant reminder that one is not far from suburbia.

At one point I observed four deer (two of them quite young) darting across the open grassland in search of some better cover.

I also did the small crushed granite loop of the adjacent Ranch at Cypress Creek Park afterwards, which you can see on my map.

Log Photos
Trail View
Cave Gate
Karst opening
Cleared Land