outofbounds's Location Log Entries

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 Homing In  4/4/2003  Geocache
 The Cut-up Twins  3/19/2003  Geocache
 It'll Grow Back  3/19/2003  Geocache
 Overcusser's First  3/19/2003  Geocache
 A VIP In A Small Town  3/19/2003  Geocache
 COTTONWOOD CREEK CRITTER  3/19/2003  Geocache
 A Day at the Races  3/19/2003  Geocache
 Willow Creek Cache  3/15/2003  Geocache
 Pumpkin Princess' Lost Pines Challenge  3/13/2003  Geocache
 B.C.M.U.D. #2 - "Duck Pond" Gone Virtual  3/6/2003  Geocache
 Remembrance of Connemara #3  3/6/2003  Geocache
 How do you "Measure Up"?  3/6/2003  Geocache
 Austin 2pi Triangulation  2/18/2003  Geocache
 GPS Refueling Station Alpha  2/13/2003  Geocache
 Barton Springs Baptist Church  2/12/2003  Geocache
 Hornytoads In the GreenBelt  2/12/2003  Geocache
 A Sweetheart of an Event Cache  2/11/2003  Geocache
 ABOUT AUSTIN  2/8/2003  Geocache
 Bushwackers Delight #1  2/1/2003  Geocache
 Lonely Grave, Spooky Site  1/30/2003  Geocache
 Reborn Cache  1/30/2003  Geocache
 Rocky Bluff update!  1/30/2003  Geocache
 Leanderthal Lady  1/30/2003  Geocache
 Highland Lakes Vista  1/30/2003  Geocache
 Highland Lakes Boulders  1/30/2003  Geocache