SnickerD's Location Log Entries

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 Caroline's Honor  4/27/2010  Geocache
 Stargate P3097  4/15/2010  Geocache
 Not Just A Hole In The Ground  4/13/2010  Geocache
 Boys of Summer.  4/8/2010  Geocache
 Cedar Fever Reloaded  4/8/2010  Geocache
 Sunset Valley Treasure Chest  4/8/2010  Geocache
 Sunset View In Sunset Valley  4/8/2010  Geocache
 Remember the Tablespoons  4/8/2010  Geocache
 What ACCLanMan Loves About South Austin  4/5/2010  Geocache
 Green Reloaded  4/1/2010  Geocache
 What Grn Beret 2b Loves About South Austin  4/1/2010  Geocache
 Go Get Logged  4/1/2010  Geocache
 Lean 'n Log  4/1/2010  Geocache
 Keep ON Loggin'  4/1/2010  Geocache
 Loggin' Smileys  4/1/2010  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication #8 Earth Mother...  4/1/2010  Geocache
 The Pig's Cache  3/30/2010  Geocache
 Yet Another Puzzle  3/30/2010  Geocache
 Out of the Loop  3/30/2010  Geocache
 Rainbow Cache  3/29/2010  Geocache
 The Longview at Longview  3/26/2010  Geocache
 GoneFishin  3/25/2010  Geocache
 F4d  3/25/2010  Geocache
 Wanted: The Outlaw! in Oak Hill  3/23/2010  Geocache
 The Picard Nuptials  3/20/2010  Geocache