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creek (Photo by plectrudis)
Trail (Photo by plectrudis)
waterfall (Photo by plectrudis)
the falls (Photo by jimmy peace)
the falls
the falls of the creek (Photo by jimmy peace)
Green and Wet
The Saturday rain did wonders for Wild Basin! (Photo by mrose821)
Refreshed Path
Saturday's rain made Wild Basin sparkle! (Photo by mrose821)
Overlooking the valleys feeding into Bee Creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rillenkarren and other natural phenomenon are described in the interpretive guide. Don't know what it is? Go find out! (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Bee Creek waterfall. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rock layers
Some rock layers are more resistant to roots than others. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Madrones Trail staircase (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Near the end of the trail you can look back on the Madrones trail, just below the houses. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Near The Trailhead
Near The Trailhead (Photo by Riff Raff)
Bridge on Arroyo Vista loop
Bridge on Arroyo Vista loop (Photo by Riff Raff)
Arroyo Vista Loop
Arroyo Vista Loop (Photo by Riff Raff)
Overlook (Photo by Riff Raff)
Bench Near Overlook
Bench Near Overlook (Photo by Riff Raff)
Descending Laurel Trail
Descending Laurel Trail (Photo by Riff Raff)
Descending Falls Trail
Descending Falls Trail (Photo by Riff Raff)
Madrone Trail Ascent
Madrone Trail Ascent (Photo by Riff Raff)
Ascending Triknee Trail
Ascending Triknee Trail (Photo by Riff Raff)
Sunset From Parking Area
Sunset From Parking Area (Photo by Riff Raff)